Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

Our strategic orientation; to establish and operate service processes that will meet the expectations of our stakeholders by fulfilling our commitments in a timely, complete and undamaged manner, thus perpetuating our feature of being one of the leading and preferred companies in the sector with our service quality.

In line with this orientation;

  • To ensure the full satisfaction of our customers with our service quality and reasonable price policy,
  • To offer effective solutions by carefully examining the current and potential expectations and needs of our customers and to continuously improve ourselves in the light of the suggestions and opinions we receive from them,
  • Fulfilling the requirements by following the legal and other legislative requirements,
  • To adapt innovations for both technological and service diversity and diversity by following sectoral developments closely,
  • To provide continuous and effective training in order to keep our human resources, which constitute the most important component of our service quality, at the highest level in terms of knowledge and experience,
  • Never giving up on the principles of honesty and compliance with business ethics,
  • To be sensitive to human and environmental health,
  • To strengthen our quality management system by continuously improving it are our basic principles.

Rafet Uyanık

Chairman of the Board